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Our AW20 Collection has launched! Orders will ship within 1 week from purchase


Our available sizes are 1/2, 2/4, 4/6, 6/8, 8/10 and 10/12!

But we all know that age does not mean you are a certain size – so we made you a size guide (links below) to find the perfect fit for your little one!

Children’s Size Guide     Adult Size Guide

At fairechild we believe your children’s clothes should grow with them. fairechild’s classic Rain Pants and Dungarees have 10cm of cuffing, adjustable suspenders, and snaps on the waistband. All our coats have 10cm of adjustable cuffs on the sleeves as well. The adjustable fits of our pieces result in our products lasting for up to three years which is why each piece runs in more than one size.

Additionally, with the roomy nature of our garments, they’re perfect for layering underneath, making them wearable all year round – whether that’s for staying dry in summer showers, puddle jumping in the spring, hiking in the fall, or building snow forts in the winter!

If you are looking for a specific style and size that is showing up as sold out on our website, it may or may not be restocked in the exact same size and colour. We restock our inventory twice per year - usually in February and August - each time, introducing a new collection! For immediate purchase, we recommend exploring alternative styles and colours from our ever-growing selection! If you still have questions about what will be restocked, you can send us an email at sales@fairechild.com! You can also sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram for updates regarding all things fairechild.

All of our pieces are 100% waterproof for up to one hour in heavy rain. They are also windproof, breathable, machine washable and made in Canada! This is thanks to our unique fabric, which is made up of three layers that act together to ensure no moisture gets in, but that is still breathable and warm.

All our pieces are exceptionally durable and meant to last for several seasons. Our products are not, however, rip-proof. Rips may occur depending on roughness of play which varies depending on the play surfaces and the child. If a hole forms in one of our pieces, please contact sales@fairechild.com and we will happily arrange to have materials to patch the hole, sent to you!

Our fabric is made of three layers: Upper, Membrane and Lining. Our first layer is soft, non-porous, flexible, windproof, dirt and mud resistant, and plus, it is free of toxic chemicals like PFC and PTFE! Our second waterproof layer is made using Sympatex’s innovative membrane. This is sandwiched between the upper layer and the lining. The composition is quite simple, made of only oxygen, carbon and hydrogen making it fully recyclable. Lastly, our lining is both breathable and cozy. It works hard to wick away sweat to keep your kids as dry on the inside as they are on the outside.

For more information on our material and fabric check out our Innovation page on our website.

We also boast several certifications, keeping your kids safe while doing good.


The Bluesign sustainable textile production certification approves the entire life cycle of a product, including:

• Consumer safety
• Work place safety
• Resources used  
• Protection of the environment

Oeko-Tex Standard 100

The Oeko-Tex standard is much higher than that of government regulations, it’s our way of making sure your little one’s safety is top priorty. It certifies that: 

• All parts of the garment such as buttons, tapes, and fabrics are safe
• Our garments do not contain any harmful chemicals at all
• Our garments are environmentally friendly


The GRS is an international, voluntary, full product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of:

• Recycled content
• Chain of custody
• Social and environmental practices
• Chemical restrictions.

fairechild pieces are made from 100% recycled plastic material, and because of this, it is possible that some microplastics may come off during washing. However, our fabric manufacturer, Sympatex, has tested our fabric and found that because our fabric is a very fine weave, and it is bonded to three layers of fabric, microplastics are much less likely to come off of our fabric than something like a fleece, for example. They said that the only way to 100% guarantee that no microplastics will leach into water is to wash the garments in a bag designed to contain them.

When compared to the common alternative to waterproof outerwear, our fabric strikes the lowest environmental impact and they have a positive impact by diverting water from landfills. A common PVC coated polyester is very difficult to recycle as you have to freeze it to remove the vinyl from the fabric. It also contains fluorocarbons and phalates which are detrimental to our environment.

By using fairechild garments, you are not only diverting plastic from the landfill, but you are also getting a product that is 100% waterproof, while still leaching as little microplastics as possible.

To make it easy for you, everything is machine washable! Just make sure to wash in warm water and do not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Hang to dry for low eco impact or you can tumble dry at low temperature and speed. For ironing, iron on a low setting not exceeding 110 degrees Celsius. (Do no iron the reflective transfers).

fairechild products should not be bleached or dry cleaned. For stain removal, scrub the spot with dish soap or a stain removal spray prior to machine washing. Avoid using an abrasive material when scrubbing and instead use a soft cloth or the fabric itself.

The material we use to make our products is 100% windproof so any wind chill will not be an issue for our garments. Further, the removal of moisture away from the body through the breathable membrane also helps regulate an appropriate body temperature which helps prevent cooling.

The key to layering for cold weather is to have three layers; a base, insulator, and outer layer.

Base Layer

Choosing a good base layer is especially important. Soft, breathable lightweight merino wool is a great choice as it wicks away moisture and responds to the body’s temperature. For a vegan alternative look for high quality synthetic polyester.

Insulator Layer

The insulating layer traps warm air between layers, keeping you snug and comfortable. Fleece, wool or down sweaters are all great options. Avoid stiff or tight insulator layers which will restrict movement. Steer clear of jeans or other heavy materials that absorb moisture.

Outer Layer

This is the final layer. This layer should be waterproof, windproof, and breathable, which all our products are! Choose a light, breathable shell and pants which are waterproof. We also fit taped seams to our products to ensure they are leak-proof.

Hands, Feet, and Head

Do not forget these areas! Heat escapes quicker from extremities so choosing the right garment is crucial to staying warm in cold weather.

For more information on winter layering, check out our blog post


All our prices are listed in USD. If you’re shopping from within Canada, and would like to pay in Canadian dollars, please visit one of our Canadian retailers listed here.








If we don't have a retail partner near you, please send an email to sales@fairechild.com and we can arrange to have a sales order sent to you in CAD.

You can refer to the shipment date that is linked to the product you are pre-ordering!

We ship worldwide! We also offer free worldwide shipping on all purchases over $250.00

For orders under $250.00, our flat rate for shipments within Canada and the US are $15.00 with FedEx and $9.00 when you ship with ChitChats. Our flat rate elsewhere varies depending on region.

Yes! When you are ready to checkout, there is an option for local pickups.

Yes! Please see below for a list of retailers.



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If your garment is not the right fit for your little one, you have a month (30 days) to return or exchange your order. Sale items are all final sale and are not eligible for return under the same policy for all purchases after July 30, 2020 at 12pm.

No need to worry if you are ordering for a gift, none of our products have price tags so you can just order as you would for yourself!

For any other questions, inquiries and further information, you can send us an email at sales@fairechild.com, visit our website fairechild.ca and follow us on Instagram @fairechild.